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Robert K Vincent Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Robert K. Vincent, LMBT,CPT

About Robert

 With clients ranging from professional athletes at the height of their careers to Fortune 500 executives and everyone in between, Robert has worked with a diverse variety of individuals over his 30 year career and 10,000 hours of practice as a massage therapist and fitness trainer.

Nationally certified in massage therapy and a NC and SC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist,("LMBT"), Robert is also an American College of Sports Medicine exercise instructor. His unique integrative practice blends the art of restorative massage and the science of exercise specific to each client's goal.

Robert has created and operated fitness and massage programs at Fitness Systems in White Plains, NY, the Westchester Country Club and Altheus in Rye, NY. He currently has a studio practice at Club Fitness in SW Charlotte and is also the Fitness Director at the River Hills Country Club located in Lake Wylie, SC. 


Lisa M., Charlotte, NC 6/23/2017

  I have been seeing Robert now for about 8 years and he has been my lifeline more times than I can count. He has an expansive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and fitness training combined with competency in different massage techniques that make him invaluable.   

Troy K., Charlotte NC 5/16/16

I have been seeing Robert since moving to Charlotte from Australia 1 year ago. I am a professional golfer and Robert has been a great part of my team for the past year. His knowledge and understanding of what needs to be fixed is great. Robert has the great ability to work the trigger points and get the best result with no residual pain within days after, this is highly important for me in my profession as I need to be able to go and play golf straight after seeing him and I can. I would highly recommend Robert, his professionalism and service is second to none. Being a Professional Golfer I have had many massages in my career and Robert is definitely up with the best in the sports world.  

Mike M., Charlotte, NC 12/5/2016

I was referred to Mr. Robert Vincent a little over a year ago. I suffer from spinal stenosis, sciatica and many other aches and pains associated with leading an active lifestyle. I work on my feet for 12+ hrs. at a time and I play ice hockey, baseball and climb in my spare time. The only way that I am able to continue to do all of these things is with Robert's expert assistance. I was told that I would have to have surgery to correct some of my lower back issues. Enter Robert Vincent. We have taken a homeopathic approach to correcting my issues and I could not be happier with the results. Robert listens to your concerns and has a knack for finding the trouble areas with his magic hands. With regular deep tissue work (this is not for the faint of heart) and exercises/yoga/stretches we have made tremendous strides in regards to my physical health and wellbeing. I am almost pain free (as long as I avoid the stray hockey puck) and feel like 10 years have been taken off my body. I am more flexible than ever and have been able to continue playing sports at a high level. If you have any musculoskeletal issues give Robert a call and let him help you like he has helped me, you will not regret it.  

Andrew C., Charlotte, NC 6/10/2016

I started working with Robert as my trainer 4+ years ago and continue to this day. I had lower back, hip and shoulder issues when I found him. As a result of an expert and progressive workout/training regimen he implemented, these are resolved and I am in the best shape ever since college -   and never felt better. Additionally, Robert's expert knowledge, skills and application of massage therapy were also instrumental in working through my issues. I highly recommend Robert for both training and massage therapy.      h t�+vpbI/

Vince R., Charlotte NC 3/14/15

I have been to Robert twice and both times he has been successful in lessening and alleviating a chronic pain in my shoulder and back. If you want a "feel good" massage, I am sure he can offer that. But as someone who wants freedom form muscle aches and overuse pain, Robert's approach is second to none. You will feel your body react to his treatments and when he "hits that spot" you will know it! I would recommend AMB for any athlete who wants professional rehab done right.

Maggie N., Charlotte NC 2/16/14

Extremely satisfied and awesome experience. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for more than just your average general relaxation. I participate in physical activities at least 4-5 times per a week and his trigger-point and assisted stretching has given me relief from muscle soreness and chronic back pain. You will leave the studio feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!

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